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Amber Lights in Oxford

Hello and welcome to Amber Lights in Oxford!

Amber Lights was set up in 2019 to raise awareness of homelessness in Oxford and support the wonderful work Homeless Oxfordshire do.

Amber Lights in Oxford is dedicated to the memory of my sister Hannah. She is the inspiration for everything behind this project.

What We Do

Hann Bags

Tote Bags featuring the Oxford Skyline in day and night time. On the purchase of a Hann Bag, the profits are donated to Homeless Oxfordshire to be put towards toiletries.

Pawsome Range

Supporting the dogs who live at Homeless Oxfordshire with their humans. The profits from Pawsome sales are donated to Homeless Oxfordshire to pay for the dogs food, toys and healthcare needs.

Skyline Range

The profits from Skyline sales are donated to Homeless Oxfordshires welfare fund. This could mean paying for a taxi to go to an appointment instead of taking a bus if someone suffers from anxiety or taking someone for coffee for a chat and a bit of time out. Alongside purchasing vital welfare items.

Take a piece of Oxford away with you whilst support those experiencing homelessness there.

Non-profit project with all proceeds for Homeless Oxfordshire.

Get in Touch!

Instagram: amberlightsinoxford

Facebook: Amber Lights in Oxford


‘A fabulous, heart warming and conscientious project that has provided a tremendous service in helping the homeless’

G Staveley